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Ground Mount Solar

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Don’t Know Where to Install a Solar Energy System in Charlotte, NC?

We know that not all homes are fit to install a solar energy system on the roof, that’s why we offer ground mount solar services! Our professionals will find the right area, on the ground, where they can install the system and allow you to start saving money on electricity. As your trusted veteran-owned company in Charlotte, NC, we can take care of your solar needs.

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Same Functions, Different Look

Solar energy solutions should be something you can enjoy, that’s why we follow a meticulous process to guarantee a successful installation. After we are done, your panels will be mounted on a key spot on the ground. The look and overall structure of a ground solar energy system may appear a little different from a rooftop one, however, they have similar functions and forms. If you want to know more about the differences between each one and which system would work best for your residential property in Charlotte, NC, give us a call today. Our professionals are eager to answer your questions and determine the best solution for your particular needs. Request a free estimate today.

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Rooftop Solar

Save energy by installing panels facing in the right direction.

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Ground Mount Solar

Install solar panels on the ground and reduce your utility bills.

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Solar Tracking Systems

Make the most of your solar panel by using our new devices.

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Solar Inverter

Transform solar power insto electricity your home can use.

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Home Batteries Installation

Ensure you have green electricity every day and night.

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Net Energy Metering

Increase your efficiency and obtain energy when you need it.