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Use Green Energy All Day Long in Charlotte, NC With the Help of a Solar Battery Bank

We have been offering a series of solar services for nearly a decade, so you can expect nothing but the best results and recommendations from our professionals in Charlotte, NC. Have you ever wondered what a solar battery bank is? These components are connected to your solar panels and charge while the sun is out. Their main function is to store all the excess energy so you can use it at night or even during power outages. Find out more about our services today.

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Our solar battery bank is perfect if you want to use solar energy all day if you want to go off the grid. At Luminex Solar, LLC, we can tell you how many batteries you need to become completely independent. We are able to measure your daily energy usage and find the right solution for you. Make your house in Charlotte, NC, more efficient and install a solar home battery backup today! If you want to learn more about your energy usage and how our solutions will benefit you, reach out to us and get a free estimate.

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Rooftop Solar

Save energy by installing panels facing in the right direction.

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Ground Mount Solar

Install solar panels on the ground and reduce your utility bills.

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Solar Tracking Systems

Make the most of your solar panel by using our new devices.

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Solar Inverter

Transform solar power insto electricity your home can use.

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Home Batteries Installation

Ensure you have green electricity every day and night.

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Net Energy Metering

Increase your efficiency and obtain energy when you need it.