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Net Energy Metering

Increase Your Efficiency

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NEM stands for Net Energy Metering, and it is a policy that allows you to pull or push the power from the grid through your own electrical meter. Normally, utility users pull the energy from the grid and use it during their daily activities, and there is a meter that counts how much they use. At Luminex Solar, LLC, we’ll help you push the excess energy your solar panels produce during the day and then pull it out at night whenever you need it. Our professionals in Charlotte, NC, are eager to explain to you more about the process.

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Take Advantage of Your Solar Energy

Use Your Panels to the Fullest

You’ll still be connected to the grid when going solar, that’s why you can take full advantage of net energy metering to maximize your system’s value. The grid can be compared to a bank that stores your excess energy until you need it. If you use other features like a battery backup system, you can use energy even during power outages or when the grid goes down. We have been assisting clients in Charlotte, NC, for years, so if you are interested in NEM and wish to learn more about its benefits and how it can be useful to increase your energy efficiency, reach out to us.

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Rooftop Solar

Save energy by installing panels facing in the right direction.

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Ground Mount Solar

Install solar panels on the ground and reduce your utility bills.

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Solar Tracking Systems

Make the most of your solar panel by using our new devices.

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Solar Inverter

Transform solar power insto electricity your home can use.

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Home Batteries Installation

Ensure you have green electricity every day and night.

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Net Energy Metering

Increase your efficiency and obtain energy when you need it.