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Our solutions use specialized silicon cells that create a constant flow of energy when exposed to direct sunlight. It is important to know where to place your home solar panels since setting them in the wrong direction can affect their efficiency. Our professionals can guide you throughout the process to help you learn more about which unit you need and to set realistic goals. Whether you want to save money or become completely independent from the grid, feel free to give us a call and find out more about what we can do for you. Our solar panel installation services are always available!

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Have you ever thought about installing a solar energy system on the ground? It’s pretty common to see solar panels on rooftops, but sometimes homeowners don’t have the space to install them there. That’s why we offer ground mount solar systems that can be installed in a strategic area. Count on our professionals to choose the right spot for your new units. They may look a little different from regular rooftop systems; however, they are just as effective.

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Solar energy can’t be used the way it is. It needs to be converted into an alternating current that the rest of your property can use without trouble. Protect your appliances by installing a solar inverter that transforms solar energy into electricity. You can choose between a string or a micro-inverter to start using your solar panels to the fullest. Our professionals are eager to help you choose the right type for your particular needs and budget.

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The sun changes position throughout the day, and using a solar panel monitoring device can help you maximize your energy production by orienting your panels towards the sunlight. Make your property more efficient and save even more money by installing a system that has a series of useful features that will make using your solar panels a hassle-free experience. Find out more about our services in Charlotte, NC today.

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Helping others save money while getting the change to reduce our carbon footprint by using clean energy makes us feel motivated to improve our services. We are a veteran-owned and operated business based in Charlotte, NC, and we are eager to listen to your needs. At Luminex Solar, LLC, we want to help you achieve your goals, so tell us more about your energy needs and whether or not you wish to become independent from the grid. We’ll guide you throughout the entire solar panel installation process! Get full energy reports and rest easy knowing that we take care of all the permits and interconnections. We use all American-made products and offer a two-year production guarantee. Team up with us now!

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Rooftop Solar

Save energy by installing panels facing in the right direction.

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Ground Mount Solar

Install solar panels on the ground and reduce your utility bills.

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Solar Tracking Systems

Make the most of your solar panel by using our new devices.

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Solar Inverter

Transform solar power insto electricity your home can use.

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Home Batteries Installation

Ensure you have green electricity every day and night.

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Net Energy Metering

Increase your efficiency and obtain energy when you need it.

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